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Appropriate toilet the predicament for Iran tourism

Today, in all journeys’ an appropriate toilet is essential and the existence of such toilets could inclined everyone to go trip.

Importance of an appropriate toilet

Thus, in our country construct and equipment of those appropriate toilets in tourist sites, is up to the ministry of tourism and heritage, and should be noted that tourism without toilet services is not possible. There should be circumstances in order to justify the construction of such services and become the economic agent. Because it is more important to care about how to maintain an appropriate toilet service is more important that build it. Many tourists are willing to pay high fee for meals but are not willing to pay 2tousand Toman for the toilet service, and as long as this mindset exist, this huge problem cannot be solved, and since this operation is not turn into a profitable economy the problem will not be solved. We can change this threat to a chance for making money. Along with an economic unit, portable services are being exploited by defining a restaurant, coffee shop, and residential center, and inject employment into the tourist zone.

Produce appropriate toilet

Shahr Azin Golchin company with the production of steel toilets, has somewhat improved the shortage of adequate toilets and with usage of anti-bacterial steel provide a better health condition environment for tourism zone and public toilets.

Portable toilets are one of the best choices for tourism organization to use and equipment public areas which Golchin experts recommend using this equipment at required locations in addition to overcoming the need, promote the country’s tourism as well.

And also Shar Azin Golchin is the designer and supplier of hoteling toilets for tourism zone such as hotels and public areas.

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