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Comparison of antibacterial stainless steel and ceramic toilet bowls

Over the past years, ceramic toilet bowls have been used in public and private places in our country as well as many other countries. But what is considered in the ceramic toilet bowl is that its poor quality, which leads to various problems. The experts of Shahrazin Production Company, while producing stainless steel toilet bowls, have listed the disadvantages of ceramic toilet bowls as follows;

Problems that always threaten ceramic toilet bowls;

1-fracture of toilet bowl due to falling objects such as mobile phones on it

2. fracture of toilet bowl due to the high body weight of the user

3. Catching germs and microbes on the toilet body and in its outlet paths

4. Loss of toilet bowl glaze at the foot placing

5.Loss of glaze if it washed with corrosive acids

6. Loss of glaze in case of washing with wire brushes

7. Catching germs in the siphon system of the ceramic toilet bowl and creating a suitable place for cockroaches and vermin

8. Inability to wash all corners of these toilet bowls, due to their design

9. Ability to hide drugs in the water way around the ceramic toilet bowl

10. useful life of Ceramic toilet bowls is less than 6 months in public bathrooms, and it would be very expensive to replace, seal and reinstall the bowls.

Advantages of antibacterial and stainless steel toilet bowls against ceramic toilet bowls;

1- loss of fracture and damage against falling objects and impact

2.loss of catching germs and microbes for stainless steel toilet bowls

3.Loss of water leakage and optimal insulation

4. Loss of glaze damage and resist against acidic and alkaline detergents

5.Inability to hide drugs into these types of bowls

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