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A few years, the construction of complex services - welfare between the way the services are organized on a country road in order to increase traffic and pedestrians roads are being considered.

However, many potential lies in the complex that can be used in order to achieve bigger goals such as "regional development" and take advantage of regional balance.

On the other hand, considering the new role for these complexes, while it can be considered important steps towards sustainable development, which makes it more complex service activities - economic welfare between the way and expanding them be justified

construction of the complex operational and institutional support for their activities to be proactive

The objectives of the construction of the road service

• providing greater comfort for drivers and passengers with a centralized and convenient service

• prevent the distribution of service units along the road and focus them in one place

• Fast access to services to drivers and passengers

• reduction of road accidents and increase road safety

• reduce the time drivers and passengers

• reducing the nuisance of traffic and smooth road traffic

• provision of facilities such as prayer and spread its culture

• providing road information, tourist and pilgrimage for grid

• prevention of environmental pollution

• strengthening the countrys tourist attractions and entertainment

• provide an appropriate context for employment

• Allows centralized management and closely monitor the performance of services - welfare

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