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base of Decorative lamps

Product specifications

Lights that will be installed in parks large proportion of creating safe and calm environment for citizens in all public places, including streets ...

The parking lamps designed to focus the light emission and optical gain and also highly appropriate,Aesthetics, its low power consumption and long life span and are given appropriate lighting

1. Body made of sheet steel with a thickness standard

2. galvanized coating and coating according to the type of order

3. Install eyebrow pieces on top of the door to prevent water from entering the bas

4. Standar ddoor electric equipment

5. Install the valve plate for the assembly of electrical equipment

The use of sheet steel and aluminum with appropriate thickness

High grade plastic materials such as polycarbonate and polyamide

And lack of precision in the manufacture of seamless and preventing the infiltration of dust and insects inside lights

The overall height of the lamp: 3 m

The base steel pipe and cover it with aluminum

Is a piece of transparent polycarbonate bubble

The base is equipped with a valve inside which screws to fuse art and rails

Belt and is grounded Shaylvn

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