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Galvanized 1250 liter tanks of waste

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wheeled trash can‬ model
wheeled trash can‬ Body Material
Galvanized Steel
The production
full pressed
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1250 lit galvanized tanks Optimum design by Residue Organization of Tehran MunicipalityGuarantee and customer services

Technical specifications of galvanized garbage tank Designing waste management organization of Tehran municipality with real capacity of 1250 Liters Capacity should be 1250 liters tagged on tank The bottom of the tank is produced in the form of an aerodynamic vessel by a heavy tensile press apparatus which has high resistance due to its form and avoids garbage adhesion to the bottom of tank and is equipped with output route of garbage latex of hot galvanized super-tensile paper with 1/5 millimeter thickness.

Upper guard is of 42 millimeter thick galvanized pipe with tension and bending capability which is integratedly bended welded in sealing form and hanked to upper edge. Press vertical guards is equipped with fortifier neck and resistant edge from top to bottom in integrated form of hot galvanized super-tensile paper with 2 millimeter thickness. The body of tank is reinforced of hot galvanized super-tensile paper with 1/5millimeter thickness in press form and is integratedly produced.

All joints should be done by automatic welding press and MIG automatic welding apparatus special to galvanization. Lengthening earrings of super-tensile galvanized paper with 2 millimeter thickness should be generated in press form and wired and reinforced by steel belts. The base of wheels of spring steel paper with5 millimeter thickness should be capable of changing wheel from outside.

This tank should have the capability of embedding tanks in each other. Arm tag of district 2 should be done in press form on mechanism of tanks. Axing should have standard of wheel and capability of placement in all rails

Foot-operating lid openerImpact ResistantlidAutomatic lid openingreinforced handlesInterchangeable wheelsX Standard wheelscompatible wheels with all rail typesInterchangeable partsprotective GuardV-lipHigh resistance to UV raysEdge of the door frame and is designed to protect against rainAerodynamic tank bottominitallation blade
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