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HVAC design methods for health service

Golchin company in order to make air conditioning standard in a health service that has access to the outdoors and does not have windows

1. ventilation channels in the roof and get guided air from the surrounding atmosphere

2. For ventilation tiles should be used from a channel that leads to the roof of Figure 1 so that the upper end of its output is in the open air

3. lattices can form such as circle, square or rectangle.

If rectangular lattices should not be less than the 3/4 width of a minimum of length

Ventilation ducts should be cleaned bathrooms and end at the top of the roof with a special mark to be specified Channel output by a vertical bar on the roof must be opened and closed to the arrival of the swift currents, wind, rain and birds canal to prevent The best place to vent channel openings in the health service close to the height of 30 cm above the toilet bowl to be considered The plan unpleasant odors quickly through the air channel and is broadcast in the entire health service Free opening cross-section of at least 150 square inches (point c in Fig. 2) Health services should be installed within the space of the type of air vent in order to protect stainless moisture, and the valve should be adjustable so that at least 25 cm free area for air intake sure. All the nearby lake and the junction of the channel should be available for cleaning. Use of materials such as brick, etc. in the vicinity of the air vent is not recommended due to the disruption of the natural ventilation of the space and preferably of smooth materials such as ceramic tile or glass used In order to function properly in the bathroom for air conditioners necessarily near the floor and through the input

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