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Findings and important points to design bathroom

In order to provide best air conditioning, Golchin Company has created special features in bathroom field in which window and free space are not available so that consumer can use them comfortably and take its advantage.

Air conditioning designing methods for toilets

1- In designing ventilation, it is better to use ducts which is going toward the roof and fresh air from the adjacent space is available.

2- In the toilets ventilation designing it is better to use a duct that is reached to the roof. Figure (1) so that the upper end of its outlet is in the fresh air.

3.The duct can be fabricated in some geometrical shapes such as circle, square or rectangle.

4- If the duct has a rectangular shape, it is better that its width is not less than its length.

5. ventilation ducts should be cleanable and its end on the roof should be marked with a special sign.

6.The duct outlet on the roof should be able to open and close by a vertical bar so that it would be able to prevent the rapid flow of wind, rain and birds into the duct.

7. The best place for the opening ventilation duct, is considered to in the height of 30 cm above the toilet bowl. In this scheme, the unpleasant smell is quickly removed through the ventilation duct and spreads throughout the bathroom.

8.In the designing of free cross section of the opening, it is better to have at least 150 square centimeters. (Point c in Figure 2)

9- In order to protect against moisture it is better to install an adjustable stainless steel duct which is inside the bathroom so that it can provide at least 25 cm free cross-section for fresh air.

10. All parts adjacent to duct and its connection to the channel is better to be cleanable.

11. Using materials such as bricks, etc. in the vicinity of duct surfaces, is not recommended due to disruption of natural ventilation of the intended space, and it is preferred to use materials with polished surface such as ceramic tiles or glass.

12. In order to proper function of the air conditioner in the bathroom space, duct for fresh air must be near the bathroom’s floor and through the entrance.

Environmental impact on the use of bathroom

Steel toilets are different from regular toilets. They use less volume of water than older toilets. The ability to clean the toilet automatically reduces the amount of detergent. in order to save energy some toilets regulate the flush water by detecting (urine or feces)!

Location and accommodation of bathrooms

In each house, a bathroom is usually designed and located near the entrance and in the public part of the house and a bathroom in the private sector and close to the bedrooms, and these two spaces are the minimum facilities that can be considered for the bathroom of a house.

But in the bigger houses with more facilities, the parents' bedroom bathroom can be considered apart from the public bathroom of the house!

It is even possible to provide a separate bathroom for each guest’s bedroom.

In some schemes it is possible that the bathroom would be accessible through bedroom and restroom.

To save money and because of technical reasons, bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are better designed to be able to use a same plumbing fixture.

Bathroom’s standards

1- The distance between the bathroom and the entrance should be 100 cm.

2 an area of about 1700 square centimeters is needed, if ventilation is done through the window and only from one side.

3- If space is limited, this area is about 100 square centimeters. The bathroom’s floor should not be slip and it is essential that it is water resistant and easy to clean.

4. the floor should also be seamless and washable. The walls should be tiled at least up to 2 meters height and be washable.

5. The ideal temperature for bathrooms is 21 degrees Celsius.it should be better to install at least one mirror for both bathrooms.

6. In designing public services, it is better to have a minimum height less than 2.20 meters. it is suggested that the minimum width of each toilet room should be 85 cm.

7. The minimum width of each toilet room should be more than 110 cm.

8.It is suggested that the minimum length of each toilet room be considered 150 cm.

9.It would be better the distance between the center of the two toilets is considered 60 cm and the distance between the toilet and the wall is 45 cm.

10.The bathroom space is humid, and if it would be dark, it will be a good environment for microbial fungi in the toilet to grow, Therefore, it is very important to design it in such a way that natural light must come into the bathroom, otherwise it’s better to use the appropriate lamps in the bathroom.

11. It is better that the width of bathroom’s door would be minimum of 60 cm and a maximum of 75 cm.

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