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Health service with single source

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Technically health service, single source:
1. bathroom about 5.1 meters in diameter cylinders and a height of 4.20 meters.
2. The outside of the service of aluminum and steel structure it is.
3. The exterior is equipped with longitudinal billboard covered by polycarbonate layer and banners installed on the back it has been built, the lighting is done Banner advertising boards from behind.
4. The exterior of the system with 100% polyester paint in shades of olive or copper is provided.
5. All sheets of domestic consumption of 304 stainless steel body, according to the German DIN standard, is antibacterial And also resistant to acidic or alkaline conditions of washing with antiseptic solutions is
6. all toilet in the bathroom is a stainless steel can be installed in both Iranian and foreign.
7. The bathroom sinks are made of stainless steel that its design is just perfect hemispherical such that the user does not have any discharge completely against bacterial growth and create sludge is resistant.
8. designed interior ceiling in such a way that a certain beauty with steel blue color evokes the composition.
9. The upper ceiling steel frame is equipped with a polycarbonate layer by layer resistant to UV rays and heat transfer is sealed.
10. All elements of dark lighting intelligent control is activated.
11. systems equipped with smart control panel, liquid soap, tap, dryer that has been installed on the bathroom sink was impossible to steal and very appropriate for the welfare of citizens has
12. all and WC flushing as well as intelligent sensor and automatic as soon as the service operates.
13. floor bathrooms and embossed pure aluminum, which is resistant to all environmental conditions and corrosion prevents slipping
14. All facility to act intelligently.
15. system is equipped with 3 advertising board on the addition of special beauty will be able to attract advertising.
16. Toilets ventilation system from the bottom up, which is intended to help lower the air ventilation system Unpleasant be removed as soon as possible and not play in the health service.
17. exterior design conforms to the latest achievements of world architecture is designed for pedestrians.
18. According to the height of the components can also be used as air settling tower. The tower has a radius of 10 km around them for contamination in the air could.
19. element such as an urban element is intended for other needs of the urban elements such as public telephone, the server is
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