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How to get rich in the toilet?!

The toilet is a place to get rich

Nowadays many rich people have found ways to their wealth in toilet. Because this place is quiet and away from any noise. Therefore, it is easy to focus on the most important issues and achieve the best ways to wealth creation and make money. Perhaps the biggest trade will take place here! As some big business people have discovered their important business solutions in bathroom.

appearances that change in the toilet

many people these days are using toilet to change their faces and clothes! These people enter this place, then leave there with different faces after a few minutes. it can be changing of their face and the level of makeup or something like changing clothes.

A place for romantic conversations

Sometimes we are looking for a place to make romantic conversations with our love, or to win someone's heart, or maybe we want to share a secret with someone who is shoulder to cry on, and so on. So what place is better than bathroom! Calm and quiet ... it would be good if it is furnished with beautiful decorations and colors. Talking secretly with your cell phone in the bathroom will be fun.

A place where you can find your money

We may think that some things are just in the movie and fantasy, but no; You can really use the toilet to put money which belongs to someone, and because of any reason you are not able to give them directly. So you can find the address of the money in one of these public toilets.

SMS with emotion, in the toilet

We want to have a few minutes in peace in order to send a message to someone which may have a response that lead to prolong our conversation, and with each sentence, Our face becomes so different that people around us understand the story, thus the toilet is suitable place for us where we can text easily and Secretly.

A place to exchange goods

The toilet may be one of the most reclusive places that comes to our mind for exchanging any small device such as a mobile phone, etc. The intended product can be hidden in the corner of bathroom (public or private) to be picked up by the intended person.

Fresh air in the toilet!

Sometimes we do not feel well at all. as if our soul and body need something fresh, cool or warm which is able to refresh us. The toilet is a place that there are usually both hot and cold waters... Both of these bring about a fresh atmosphere to us which is depending on the situation.

Increasing the levels of knowledge in the toilet

Lack of time is the first excuse when it comes to low per capita of studying in our country. But in the bathroom, which is not especially squat toilet, is a place where everyone has time to study and is able to increase the levels of knowledge.

All these good things can be done in the toilet, so It is good that our bathroom have these features;

1- The toilet decoration should be very beautiful

2- The luxury bathroom makes it more comfortable with better feelings

3- It should be equipped with a suitable ventilator

4- light music in the bathroom will increase our sense of security

5- Use beautiful and clean mirrors and accessories.

6- Using luxury toilet bowls, such as gold and silver, will make us wealthy feelings.

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