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Information about wash-basin

Do you know the reason we use the word “wash-basin” for the place where we wash our hands and face?!

To talk more about wash-basin, we could say that space where the bowl of wash-basin enabled, we called wash-basin in this case for the sample, toilets will include areas such as bathrooms, toilets, and hand washing. The material of this functional product is like ceramic of metal where a water tap which put on top of it, we can use this to wash our hand and face.

In Iran, the basin and bowl that enabled next to it called hand wash, that from the clear meaning of hand-wash we could consider that there is somewhere to wash your hands. Later, the word hand wash has been applied to whole and the place of handwashing. The use of the word handwashing among people has led to the avoid saying the words toilets, loo, and latrine.

Therefore, in Iran the place for washing hands and face called wash-basin.

We now know a generate these products that have been designed and used outside the country and it is now widely used with high-speed to used and upgraded inside the country.

This category of wash-basin produced in Shahr Azin co. called cabinet basin.

Cabinet basins that have used materials such as wood, PVC, Corinne artificial stone, and Quartz, with high prices in comparison to previous materials which was produced in China.

The usage of these products, in the interior design of modern buildings, is more than old models. These kinds of wash-basins have features such as water resistance and have a great variety of colors.

There is usually a box beside the cabinet model, which called the side box.

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