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Methods of comparison and choice of ceramic and tile

Features of comparison tile and ceramic quality

In this paper, try to give you simple and practical techniques for selecting suitable tile and ceramics. you can easily test the quality of ceramics and tiles and be aware of their degrees.

press quality and pottery and ceramic layer compaction:

The more compact the clay layer on the back of ceramic, the better the resistance to impact and loss, and its permeability against water transit and solution materials is lower.

Compression test method and ceramic and tile pottery press:

It is easily made by pouring a hot coffee on the clay layer behind the tiles and ceramics, after 30 minutes if it does not penetrate and do not cast shadows behind the glaze layer, that is to say, the clay layer compression is good, but if cast shadows behind the glaze layer it means that it has not good quality and the clay layer is not fully pressed.

the quality of tile and ceramic glaze

To measure the glaze quality all it takes is to scratch a key on the cover, it should not make any line or scratch on the glaze.

The combination of glazes color shouldn't be mixed or blended.

No wave, distortion, or more dots should make on the surface of the porcelain.

Smoothness on the surface of tile and ceramic and lack of wave on top of it

To measure it, it takes two ceramic and tiles from the glaze part on to each other, and it should not have a wheel or a bend on it.

You can place your tile and ceramics on the smooth surface, like glass, and check it. You should not see any blending of color on it.

edges around ceramic and tile:

Edges around ceramics and tile should smooth and sharp. To check if you should put four ceramics from the side, it should write a narrow line and stick close to each other, and with moving these four tiles or ceramics you could check the dimensions and angles of tiles.

dimensions of tile and ceramics

The dimensions of tile and ceramics should the same size and the same amounts

No difference with one another.

Also, the larger the dimensions explain, the higher generation technology is used in producing it that will usually be higher in terms of price and quality, they have better quality.

The dimensions of toilet and bath ceramics usually are 20*20 or 25*25 and 30*30. And never use a larger dimension for the floor of toilets, and this is because a better layout can be implemented by them to prevent people from sliding … for salons and bedrooms and drawing-room use larger dimensions which have a better view and are more attractive.

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