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Odorless Trash

Product specifications
wheeled trash can‬ model
wheeled trash can‬ Body Material
Galvanized Steel
The production
full pressed
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Only the producer of the waste management plan choice Tehran Municipality

Among the unique features of the 1250-liter tank are as follows:

1. The special curved design of the tank floor to prevent waste from sticking to the bottom of the tank and create the so-called bottom of the pot waste

2. The design of the tank floor for traction integrated referendum

3. The optimum design of the wheels installed to allow easy replacement of wheels

4. Create a strong longitudinal guard to prevent injury to the body of the tank

5. Create mechanisms earrings side of the cartridge to pick up containers that are also designed for longitudinal and in addition, as the two guards from the sides is, the transfer of power to lift the tank is uniform.

6. Coil Guard and earrings 42 mm lateral to the mouth of the tube, or guard the mouth of the tanks that caused the tank to catch any complexity and very high resistance and mechanical strength make for tanks

7. Using a special manufacturing process that prevents twisting during welding and makes integration more effectively improving strength and increasing the uniformity and quality of products.

8. The optimal design output for latex foam waste tanks.

9. suitable location to install the door handles on the tank when the tank mouth guard damaging the tank body in a collision and helps prevent injury.

10. The most important feature of this reservoir tank capability embedded in each other, which helps a lot in handling, transportation and storage tanks that will have substantial savings in urban management.

11. 1250 liter News the best options in the process of mechanization is known that due to the occupation of urban space and 770 660 and 1100 liter tanks were old design better capacity to be allocated.

12. One of the advantages of these tanks very high resistance to fire and burning trash in it. Cases are designed in such a way that even in fire due to separation of waste into the wheels of the fuselage tanks, any damage to the wheels is not known and the most resistant tank fire.

13. on the surface and inside the tanks provide the possibility to create nano-coatings that are using this coating in addition to having All color ranges, the cleaning surface, or disinfection tank and tank washing significantly reduces costs

The tank is resistant to bomb.

Foot-operating lid openerImpact ResistantlidAutomatic lid openingreinforced handlesInterchangeable wheelsX Standard wheelscompatible wheels with all rail typesInterchangeable partsprotective GuardV-lipHigh resistance to UV raysEdge of the door frame and is designed to protect against rainAerodynamic tank bottominitallation blade
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