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Stainless steel toilet with washbasin

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shahrazin golchin company is A holding of golchin, which is currently the largest and the only manufacturer of steel toilet bowl on Iran and the Middle East, unbreakable stainless steel toilet bowl, toilet bowl stainless beautiful, stainless steel toilet bowl.

Stainless steel toilet bowl for all health service centers commercial public parks, mosques, and hospitals and high functionality, the following are some of the benefits include:

1. lack of failure and injury against falling objects and bumps

2. The mass of a stainless steel toilet bowl

3. The lack of waterproofing and insulation improvements

4. non-fading and damage to the enamel and ...

5. impossibility drug embedded in the channels of the toilet bowl

Technically Iranian toilet bowl stainless steel:

1. Persian male toilet bowl stainless steel anti-scratch and anti-acid is 8-18.

2. toilet of the warranty is 25 years.

3. The material used in this bowl, anti-bacteria and prevents the creation of any charges on their surface.

4. fix all the problems of Persian ceramic toilet bowl.

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