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Steel toilets are the best alternative to ceramic toilet bowls

Nowadays, due to the disadvantages caused by the use of ceramic toilet bowls, such as: scaling, bacterial spread, accumulation of vermin, fracture due to falling objects, impact, etc. the best option for use in homes and public places are steel toilet bowls due to its antibacterial and anti-Scaling properties as well as its strength that avoid to fracture.

Variety of colors of Golchin’s toilet bowls

On top of this, the only color of available ceramic toilet bowls is white.

While Golchin Company, by creating the variety of colors in steel toilet bowls, allows consumer to be able to provide a special harmony and uniformity in terms of decoration between the toilet bowls, valves and other toilet equipment, in addition, with this method, customers are also able to guarantee the quality of product which is used and decorate their bathroom area very well.

What is very important, significant and valuable about using steel toilet bowls is that steel toilet bowls can be washed with any kind of detergent and will be completely clean and clear like the first day.This has eliminated ceramic toilet bowl problems including : glaze loss and the yellow and dark appearance that occurs over time, which is not seen in the steel toilet bowls, and this important issue, allows us to Provide a more beautiful appearance, as well as a cleaner environment for consumers.

Stainless steel toilet bowls do not provide any path, seam and gap for the accumulation of vermin, and because of their special and unique design, they are far from this important position.

Because the presence of vermin in bathrooms, not only causing fear and panic in people, but also provide the basis of many diseases.

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