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The History of Iranian Toilet

Everything has a story or history and restroom is not an exception. Toilet is an important part in individualistic and social life and according to statistics every person spends at least 3 years of his/her life in restrooms.

Iranian Toilet or Mongol Toilet

Maybe you have not heard anything about toilet history and you like most of people use Iranian or European toilet term, but our ancestors and primogenitors in Achaemenid Era, in Aryan culture, paid attention to their joints health so that according to the remained drawings from ancient Iran it is obvious that during Achaemenid Era, there were chair-like platforms that people sat on them for defecation and there was sewage and discharge system at the center on this stone platform.

Iranian Toilet

The present Iranian toilet is not related to our culture and it has been given to our country during time and it has spread among people.

Although it is not documented whether the present toilets are Mongolian or Arabic, these toilets are known as Mongol toilets. So that after the advent of Islam and after the Mongol Invasion of Iran, the Mongols dug hole and sat on it for defection so sitting on platforms gradually replaced with sitting on ground.

Iranian Toilet

So know and be aware that in fact the present European toilet is the toilet belonged to Achaemenid Era.

Maybe with this short summary of toilet history, we try to have a new perspective to the preservation of our joints health and benefit from the advantages of chair-like toilets which are known as European toilet instead of Iranian toilet unfortunately.

Using toilet and restrooms has been common among all cultures from a long time ago and people in every country have used different types of toilets for defection considering their special culture! In Iran, the toilet bowl which is known as Iranian toilet bowl from a long time ago, is sometimes remembered as Mongol toilet for some reasons!

Studies show that many seconds of people’s life are spent in theses toilets, latrines or restrooms, therefor they have to be designed in a way that besides comfort, enjoy long lifespan and special beauty.

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Features and advantage of Iranian-Islamic and European toilet bowl produced by Golchin Company are:

1- not breaking or damaging against things falling and strike,

2- stainless steel toilet bowl not plaguing,

3- not leaking water and optimized insulation,

4- enamel not chipping or damaging,

5- impossibility to embed drugs,

6- resistance against all acid and alkaline detergents (using stainless steel anti-acid sheet),

7- mentioned toilet’s sinks have antibacterial material and

8- using chromium surfaces in sinks which prevent them from discharging.

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