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The Importance of Decoration in Restrooms…

Do you suppose restrooms’ interior space is only for rapid defecation and also for personal hygiene?!

Hasn’t the interior space of such places be paid attention considering color and decoration?!

Restroom decoration has been always paid attention from two technical, beauty and style dimensions:


- Usually the tiles or ceramics used from basis or floor are dark and the more they go up the lighter they will be.

- Dark tiles or ceramics which are usually to 90cm, are separated from upper side light tiles by narrow bands.

- Using dark color in lower parts is due to discharges and better accessibility to keep this part clean.

- Enameled toilet bowl in white or steel in silver color are usually used in this state.

- Chromium faucets are used due to their high durability instead of golden faucets which are so vulnerable therefore, they need more accuracy for preservation.

- Faucets are usually selected based on the culture of people in that region. For example the Muslims usually use tall faucets (to perform their wudu better and easier).

- The size of sink, cabin and mirror also considered according to the existing space so the best cabin for enameled toilet bowels is PVC and for steel cabins is steel.

Beauty and Style:

As you make attempt to keep different parts of your home beautiful and eye-catching, make sure that by paying attention to and thinking about restrooms’ interior space (walls, wall corner gaps, flush tanks and…) you can provide space for locating decorative items including sculpture, small vases, pottery jars and…

- The gaps inside or at walls corner, are good place for multi-floor shelves which beautiful colorful things can be located on them.

- Even if the gap is not very small, it can be considered as cabin to put detergents with beautiful labels on it.

- Artificial flowers may be used to decorate flush tank.

- It is a suitable space on flush tank to put straw or small wooden vase or basket with dried flowers extruded around them.

- Even around or on the restroom lamp is a good place for hanging or sticking beautiful and cute decorative items (so that they don’t prevent from lighting).

- Using small soaps and shampoos on wall or bathroom glass gives special beauty to bathroom space.

- Putting small and colorful candles besides removing malodor (when they are lighted), gives there special peace and comfort.

- Locating toothbrushes inside cabin is among the issues that has to be paid attention.

- It is possible to decorate around or in front of mirror with decorative small things.

- Sticking jelly labels on restrooms walls (especially those with warnings, like water saving) is a good option.

- And…

Remember that soul health is always followed by soul health and happiness. So restrooms are places which besides cleanliness, can bestow you special peace.

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