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Types of toilet

As you know, toilet is a type of restroom that are produced in the form of chair. Now, in this article, the experts of Shahrazin Company will introduce the types of stainless steel toilets which are produced by this company.

Different types of toilets Introduction

Toilet with flush tank

Some toilets have flush tanks which is located in height and some have short flush tanks.

In the tall types, chains are installed to drain the siphon, and in the short types, the chains convert in to buttons next to the toilets. Of course, toilets with short flush tanks are a bit more expensive.

Toilet with assembled and separated equipment

Some toilets are produced fully assembled and completely unified, so that the flush tank and the seat are connected together, but some others are isolate , which means that you can completely separate these parts.

Although the use of two-piece toilets is more common, but in these toilets you should note that it can be a little difficult to clean the seam between the two separated parts.

Wall-mounted toilet (Wall Hung)

Its notable that there is a more modern toilet than all other types. In this type, the flush tank is completely inside the wall and you only see the seat structure of toilets. A wall-mounted toilet, or wall hung, can actually provide a more decorous appearance with your bathroom and you can experience a more regular atmosphere in your bathroom.

Toilet with elevated seat

There are other type of toilets that have high seat which should be used by people with backache and knee pain. The height of this toilet usually varies between 40 cm and 50 cm. the type with 40 cm Height is more suitable for health people and the type with 50 cm height is more suitable for elderly people and someone who suffer from joint disease.

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