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Urban Toilet

Product specifications

The only designer and manufacturer of urban health service.

All 316 stainless steel sheets used in accordance with the German DIN standard, antibacterial and resistant against acid rain is environmental conditions.

All bathrooms are Iranians of German stainless steel and designed such that there is no water and no degradation to airport design and production of Saudi Arabia has approved them.

German stainless steel double sink service was sharp in its design did not fully protected against the growth of bacteria and create sludge and internal nano anti-bacterial layer is equipped with.

The roof is designed in such a way that evokes a certain beauty with steel blue color combination creates.

The roof of a three-layer polycarbonate layer resistant to UV radiation and the heat is transferred.

All elements are intelligent control of light and dark is activated.

All valves are smart and WC are equipped with sensors that will minimize water consumption.

All siphons are also smart and WC equipped with sensors and act upon the use of automatic services.

Bathroom floor special embossed aluminum, which is resistant to all environmental conditions and corrosion are prevented from slipping.

All connections and elements are made of stainless steel.

All facilities serves intelligently.

Equipped with a water storage system, which can be interrupted in the event water will be required to meet a few hours.

All stainless steel sliding doors and will be seeking the most appropriate and performance.

The system is equipped with 3 advertising board on the addition of special beauty will be able to attract advertising.

The system is equipped with four upper sign that will be attractive and special effects.

All these elements have the ability to be washed by water jet cleaning and service is simply arriving.

Special service for disabled persons and is equipped with two valves on either side of the toilet, and the chain that he intended to sit with and control is better.

Toilets ventilation system from the bottom up is intended ventilation system that helps lower bad air out as soon as possible and not play in the health service.

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