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Wall Hung toilet, a global and lean product

What does Wall Hung mean?

The word "wall hung" literally means "hanging from the wall" and is used for all equipment that has no foundation and hangs on the wall. The term is commonly used for sanitary ware and Valves. In some literatures, "Wall Hung" is sometimes used as "Wall hang", which is correct in this case.

How are Wall Hong bathrooms

In the past, toilets were usually installed on the ground and used in such a way that the drain was also activated by connecting to the ground. (Of course, Squat toilets are still used by users in many places)

in most places of the world, the use of Wall Hung toilets, also known as built-in toilets or wall-mounted toilets, is the basis of most constructions. The Wall Hung toilet is installed so that the flush tank is inside the wall and the toilet seat is only visible and outside.

The installation of other parts of this type of toilet is the same. This means that instead of using short and tall foundation that take up space, all equipment and plumbing are installed in the wall.

How is the strength of the Wall Hung toilet ?!

Since most of the Wall Hung toilet equipment is completely inside the wall, it has more strength and endurance, in other words, it has a good support.

The space that the Wall Hung toilet needs.

Due to the fact that the area of houses is become smaller these days, this is causing that there is less space for toilets, so the use of Wall-Hung toilets causes less space to be occupied as well as the bathroom space seems bigger and more comfortable.

Considering the upgraded design of all bathrooms equipment, it might not be a bad idea to choose other equipment used in bathrooms as a Wall Hung form. For example, Wal-Hong showers and handwash in the bathroom will provide us with more and better space, and our management in the light level control, cleanliness, and so on will be increased.

Wall Hung toilet and the amount of noise made by draining water;

In order to provide comfort to the residents, Less space requires more peace and quietness. when draining the water in the Wall Hong toilet, the sound is significantly reduced and sometimes it is not heard at all, because most of the toilet equipment is placed inside the wall and creates a closed space,

Height adjustment in the Wall Hung toilet and similar equipment;

It is always possible to easily adjust the height of the toilet by installing the toilet equipment. This issue authenticate for its shower and toilet. Because these products do not have a fixed foundation.

Water consumption in the Wall Hung toilet;

Generally, the valves and siphons used in the Wall Hong toilet and its belongs have high technology, so they have significant savings in water consumption.

Disadvantages of Wall Hong toilet!


If there is a problem with the wall-mounted toilet equipment on the wall, it is necessary to demolish the wall to repair and then rebuild it after repairs, in which case it will be costly and time consuming.

Wall space:

Installing a Wall Hung toilet on a wall requires a suitable space as well as a wall with a desired diameter and it is not possible to place it on thin walls.

Special technician for installation:

An expert is definitely needed to install Wall Hong wall toilet equipment. Someone who is familiar with the Wall-Hong toilet or other products. An expert is able to repair, install, and know their function.

Shahrazin Golchin Company with a lot of experiences over the past years in the production and distribution of bathroom equipment, such as squat toilets, wash basin, toilets, etc. has been able to attract customer satisfaction and trust. The production of Wall Hung toilet is also in the list of products of this company, which is also made of stainless steel, with a special and unique design and impressive warranty.

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