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What you need to know about built-in flash tanks

built-in flash tanks, as their name suggests, they are placed inside the wall and except their buttons and keys, nothing else could be seen from the siphon and flash tank. In this paper, along with the Shahr Azin Golchin company, we will focus on some of the hints about Shahr Azin produced flash tanks which are built-in and we will also discuss how to fix it.

How to install built-in flash tanks?

-The installation of built-in flash tanks for toilets, and steel Frankish toilet and even Iranian toilets in possible and is useful.

-the metal frame used for the wall-hang toilet has a high weight tolerance and according to given information from manufacturing companies, it can withstand a weight of up to 450 kg.

-the panel height of these flash tanks panels is sort of adjustable and this a good advantage for users.

-another advantage of built-in flash tanks to save and optimal water consumption.

-the least amount of water consumption in this kind of flash tank is 3 liters.

-there are many brands showing two types of 8 and 12 cm thick.

-the installation of these kinds of flash tanks approved by professional installers of the sellers of this product and is one of the warranty conditions of this product.

How to repair built-in flash tanks?

Among the concerns of those who wish to use this type of built-in flash tanks are to repair and the contingency need for repairs. Many people think that if they need repairs, they need to break the toilet wall!

While all the accesses carried out into the flash tanks via their key panel and it could be simply repaired without wall damages.

Shahr Azin Golchin company with production of unique stainless steel products, in designing them, has always considered the simplest and best method

of use

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