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Which toilet is recommended to use during pregnancy period?!

Pregnancy is one of the sweetest times of a woman's life. An era in which, in addition to the excitement and joy, there are also worries. Because of the major changes that occur in the mother's body, her immune system is weakened against various infections and diseases, especially urinary tract infections, which depends on the type and method of using the toilet.

One of the most important concerns that pregnant mothers face at this time is the type of toilets. In particular, with increasing the age of pregnancy, enlarged abdomen and pressure on the bladder, frequent urination occurs. In addition, leg and back pain are the complications of pregnancy, which any pregnant woman usually experience it.

According to the mentioned items, in order to protect pregnant women and their fetuses, it is necessary that these women use comfortable and hygiene toilet .

Urination and defecation is one of the most important challenges these days that requires a good, standard and hygienic toilet bowl. In this situation, according to suggestion of Golchin Company’s experts it’s better to use the type of toilet which is used in western countries. Because this product, in terms of design, our body is kept balanced and our legs and back will be under less pressure which is causing less damage.

But what is important is that in both cases it is recommended to use the products of Shahrazin Golchin Company, because these stainless steel products are antibacterial.

We must Note that there are a lot of mothers with special conditions that using these toilets are definitely recommended for them:

A) Mothers who suffer from hemorrhoids.

B) Mothers who suffer from leg and back pain.

C) Mothers who can’t balance them well when using the squat toilet due to the enlargement of the abdomen

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the following points when using toilet:

1. do not use the public toilet as far as possible.

2. having a special pad for this toilet bowl, If it’s necessary

3.they must sure that the door is close, before pulling the siphon.

4. The bathroom used at home must be sanitized regularly.

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