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Why is the culture of using public toilets one of the important issues?

We need to know that familiarity with seemingly insignificant issues such as the culture of using public toilets is one of important things that should be considered in order to have a safe and comfortable trip to abroad. As we are warned about carrying certain drugs before going to other countries.

One of the most important things in the culture of using public toilets is to take the turn and stand in line.

whether or not you are local or a tourist, and inspite of the choosen destination, you must follow the customs of using public toilets in different countries around the world.

In this article ,the experts of Shahrezin Golchin try to explain some customs of using public toilets in different countries.

The customs of using public toilets in London, Paris and Amsterdam;

Some public toilets are apparently free, but most people pay for a toilet paper or a toilet attendant who is responsible for keeping the restrooms clean. In big European cities, for example, it is common for people to pay a little money after using a public restroom.

The customs of using public toilets in Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan;

It should be noted that in these countries you should never throw toilet paper in the well and put it down by using a flush tank. For example, when traveling to countries such as Turkey, Greece, Beijing, Morocco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Egypt and Ukraine, you must to be careful about it.

In these countries, get ready to sit on a squat toilet!

Some experts believe that going to the bathroom in the style of our Iranians, which is a form similar to squatting, is more beneficial for the health of the body, and that is why in some countries, toilets are used that fitted on the ground and you have to put your feet on both sides of the bowl. (Iranian toilet bowl). Apart from Iran, other countries such as Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman also usually use Iranian toilet bowls, which are known as eastern toilet bowls.

The customs of using public toilets in China and Korea:

In countries like China and Korea, having a toilet paper is a common custom. On your next trip to these countries, it is better to always have your pocket tissue paper.

The customs of using public toilets in Italy, Portugal, Japan, Argentina and Venezuela:

These countries have water hose(valve) in their toilets. In some European countries, such as France, there is a system called a bidet that flushes out water.

But you will generally see water hose(valve) in some countries that do not have access to toilet paper, and people prefer to use water instead of toilet papers for washing themselves.

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