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Safe houses and mosques of Gods most sacred places on earth that are in addition to the role of religious worship, always has socio-political role as well.

Architects and artists trust, faith and purity had created a great work and efforts in this way through history have always been in the forefront of the citys mosques as permanent monuments to those who believe provided Drkhshandh as providing a secure forum resides.

shahrazin golchin company by taking this step, however small, in keeping with Islamic art and material culture of artisans and their tools and materials to day.

Most departments and agencies, recreational, residential, restaurants and ... always need a place for prayer or resorts to their customers or employees.shahrazin golchin with abundant experience in the design and manufacture of containers, trailers and container trailers with username chapel and Resorts is proud to offer the possibility of using it will have to respect the applicants.

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