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880 liter and 1100 liter galvanized tank

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1) installed wheels

I. In the choice of wheels via a specially designed frame at the bottom of the tank is installed by a double sheet sent other In addition to the frame wheels are directly connected to the embedded guards In fact, all the pressure and force to the wheels through a four-guard frame on 40mm upper tubes pass And no pressure to come into the main body of the reservoir, which in turn increases the useful life of the tank

2) bottom

I. In the bottom of the Year as part of the curve is a circle. This project, in addition to all the above problems are eliminated, While reducing vulnerability and strength, due to special design allows the discharge of waste improperly. (Plate and the bottom in one piece )

II. Another advantage of this design choice is that transport workers have greater visibility and higher performance easily.

3) The body of the tank

The choice of body design and retrofit Percy quite certain it has been done.

4) protective guards

I. In the choice of four guards on either side of the reservoir built with the same design Guards wheel frame is totally connected.

II. In addition, two horizontal knife guard has connected vertically.

III. Guards from the top 40 by the pipe diameter coil were to each other.

IV. In fact, this design choice of a full solar tank has been built for all the pressures and forces to repel itself, and only the tank Chassis considered

5) pipe attached to the edges

I. Design of the Year from both sides of the tank body bent plate and pipe completely from both sides sat on it and then boiling and high resistance creates.

On the other side of the tank where the tank is installed earrings long edge of the plate cylinder 40 mm tube bending resistance in addition to helping in the smooth transition of power when lifting the tank. This is in addition to increasing storage life, health, ensures the evacuation process.

6) lift the tank (besides earrings)

I. In the choice of the pipe has been installed in a referendum earrings.

II. In addition to the referendum through the tube earrings by steel strapping that is welded to the pipe and earrings,

III. Percy earrings special seal lip having a contact surface suitable to be welded to the main body of the reservoir.

Due to the design engineering done on the layout of the Year and pass all the tests and the estimation of all strengths and weaknesses, The new scheme involved the division of tanks coated loading easily and so much stronger and better act

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