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waste tank 880 liters

Product specifications
wheeled trash can‬ model
wheeled trash can‬ Body Material
Galvanized Steel
The production
full pressed
Manufacturer Country
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Waste Tanks:
The best and most expensive waste tanks have resistance to bombs and explosions.
In this regard, the golchin company also decorate the town in a National Plan of Action to produce a choice of Mechanized has galvanized tanks.
The characteristics of the reservoirs are:
1) dimensions
2) The location of the wheels
I. Plan of the Year wheels via a specially designed frame at the bottom of the tank is installed The sheet is sent by a double frame in addition to the wheels directly connected to the embedded guards In fact, all the pressure and force to the wheels through a four-guard frames on 40mm upper tubes to be transferred And no pressure to not enter the main body of the reservoir, which in turn increases the useful life of the reservoir.
3) bottom
In the choice of floor plans tanks as part of the curve is a circle.This project meets all the above problems can be solved,To reduce vulnerability and increase the resistance, because of special design enables completely and correctly dispose of waste. (Floor plate is in one piece)
From the other advantages of this design choice is that the transportation of workers and create more visibility for easily creating higher performance.
4) tank body
In the choice of housing is quite referendum retrofitting has been done regarding it.
5) protective guards
In the scheme of the Year four guards on either side of the reservoir built with the same design wheel guard with a fully connected frames.
II. In addition, two horizontal knife guard is attached vertically to each other.
gard From above by the same pipes have a diameter of 40 to each coil.
In fact, this design choice of a full solar tank has been built At its disposal all the pressures and forces, and is the only tank Chassis.
6) pipe attached to the edges
I. Plan of the Year from both sides of the tank body bent plate and Both sides sat down on it and then howl completely from welding and high resistance creates.
On the other side of the tank where the tank is installed long earrings The edge of the plate cylinder 40 mm tube bending resistance in addition to helping in the transfer of power when lifting the tank is uniform.In addition to enhancing the life of the reservoir, its health ensures the evacuation process.
7) Place the lifting tank (the earrings)
The selected design of the pipe will be installed into a Earrings referendum.
In addition to earrings referendum tube from inside by a belt of steel that is welded to the pipe and earrings,
Percy earrings special seal lip having a contact surface suitable for welding the tank to the main body.
Due to the design engineering done on the selected design and pass all relevant tests And assess the strengths and weaknesses of all, in this new design loading galvanized tanks can be easily divided into total involvement And therefore are much more resistant and better.
Foot-operating lid openerImpact ResistantlidAutomatic lid openingreinforced handlesInterchangeable wheelsX Standard wheelscompatible wheels with all rail typesInterchangeable partsprotective GuardV-lipHigh resistance to UV raysEdge of the door frame and is designed to protect against rainAerodynamic tank bottominitallation blade
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